Who We Are

Providence is a confessional Reformed church rooted in the doctrines of the scriptures. This deep rooted love for God who has revealed himself to us in his word can been seen in a number of doctrines.

The Catholicity of the Church

The visible church of Jesus Christ is larger than Providence and larger than the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. We have great affection for our evangelical brethren, and welcome them warmly as co-heirs of the glory of Christ. The invisible church is already united in Christ, and when Christ returns the visible church will be fully united outwardly as well.

Reformed in Doctrine

Despite our love for all our evangelical brethren, we are convinced that the scriptures teach the doctrines summarized by the reformers of the Protestant Reformation. While all synods and councils since the times of the apostles of men may err, and many have erred, we believe the Westminster Confession of Faith, along with the Westminster Shorter Catechism, and Westminster Larger Catechism to be an excellent and concise summary of that which the scriptures teach.

Reformed in Worship

During the Reformation, the church sought to return to the Bible as its authority for all doctrine and practice. Thus the biblical reformation of the church and is not only about doctrine, and especially the doctrine of justification, but it is also about worship. To be reformed in worship is to say that we are only to worship God in the ways that God has commanded. Our worship reflects this basic Biblical basis, both in what we do, as well as in how we do things.

Covenantal in Practice

The covenant that God makes with Abraham promises that He will be a God to Abraham and to Abraham’s children after him (Genesis 17:7). We who trust in Jesus Christ are heirs of this promise, for we are the offspring of Abraham (Galatians 3:29). Our practice reflects this theological basis, and we baptize our children just as Abraham circumcised his sons. Our worship also includes our children throughout, and as the Apostle Paul addressed the children directly (Ephesians 6:1), so also the children of Providence are addressed from the pulpit.