Christian Education

After morning worship at 10 am, adult and youth Sunday Schools are held Sunday mornings at 11:30 AM, except for the third Sunday of each month, when we enjoy lunch together. We use the Show Me Jesus curriculum from Great Commission Publications and the Abeka Flash-A-Card Bible stories for the children’s classes.

Adult Class

The adults are currently studying Paul’s first epistle to the Corinthians with Jon Cheney.

Catechism Class

Mike Hogsed leads the youth in studying the Westminster Shorter Catechism.

Sunday schoolAges 8–11

The 8–11-year-old class is learning about Old Testament worship and how it points forward to the Savior.

Ages 4–7

The 4–7-year-old class is studying Israel’s Exodus from Egypt and the conquest of Caanan.

Ages 2–3

The 2–3-year-old class is going through the life of Christ.